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Financial Management

Financial operations require flexibility and constant consideration of the federal budget climate, emerging technologies, and agency specific requirements. We provide streamlined, data-driven processes that can be implemented in new and existing financial software systems. Our strategies emphasize the importance of readily available financial reporting, collaborating with key stakeholders to understand needs, and utilizing best practices across the federal government to improve overall financial transparency and performance for our clients.

NAICS Codes/Descriptions:


921130: Public Finance Activities

541611: Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

Core Capabilities:

  • Financial Report Development and Analysis

  • Spend Plan/Budget Formulation, Tracking, and Interpretation – Cost Modeling

  • Acquisition & Contract Lifecycle Support Services

  • Asset and Risk Analysis

  • Financial Execution Review

  • Financial Software System Expertise

  • Invoice Processing

Corporate Experience

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Technology Management Solutions provides comprehensive financial management services across various TSA Program Offices. Core functions include spend plan support, financial system and funding analysis, and procurement support programs.

Contract: HSTS02-17-F-OIA176

Spend Plan Development and Analysis

  • Daily Spend Plan Tracking and Reconciliation
  • Budget Formulation
  • Identifying efficiencies, cost savings, requesting change approval and adjusting the spend plan allocations
  • Documentation of financial execution
  • Year-End budget reconciliation

Financial Reporting/Analysis

  • Running, creating, and analyzing financial reports (i.e. SOF, obligation/commitment report, LOA execution summaries)
  • Communicating shortfalls and constraints to procurement
  • Cost Share Development
  • Financial summaries, schedules, statistical evidence, and written justifications for the resource allocation

Acquisition/Operation Support

  • Processing procurement requests
  • Contract Amendment Analysis
  • Development and Maintenance of procurement tracking tools
  • Financial/Procurement System Processes (FSMS)
  • Training federal counterparts on system(s) processes

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

TMS provided financial management process development, analysis, and budgetary support for the FEMA Office of the Chief Administrator, supporting the viability and efficient financial performance during their programmatic modernization and organizational restructuring.

Project deliverables included:

  • Accurate Cost Modeling
  • Financial Management Structures
  • Resource Allocation Planning
  • Budget and Billing Code Documentation
  • Budget Justifications and Summaries